Immigration Bail Bonds

Written by Liam Barnes

November 10, 2021

Quick Guide to Immigration Bail Bonds

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Here at Big Poppa Bail Bonds, we understand the anxiety of getting detained if you’re an immigrant. For this reason, we made a self-intuitive article that will get you accustomed to immigration bail bonds. 

What Is An Immigration Bail Bond?

An immigration bail bond is a type of agreement that a detainee enters into with a bail bondsman to get out of jail temporarily. Commonly, those who can apply for immigration bail bonds are naturalized citizens, illegal foreigners, or documented foreigners who are detained out of suspicion for committing a crime. 

Bail bonds only apply to people whose cases are still undergoing court proceedings. Therefore, you or someone you know can’t apply for an immigration bail bond if the case already had the court’s final judgment

There are two types of immigration bail bond:

  • Delivery Bond – Set’s the bail amount based on the severity of the crime, releases the detainee (you or someone you know), and allows the detainee to spend time with family and seek the help of an immigration lawyer. 
  • Voluntary Departure Bond –  This type of bail bond allows you to leave the state out of your own volition. Normally, the conditions of this bail bond state when you’ll leave.

Opting for a voluntary departure bond might be better than getting a delivery bond because it allows you to go back home. However, this type of immigration bail bond isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of thing.

Upon going back home with a voluntary departure bond, you might not be allowed to visit again for 5, 10, or 20 years. If you committed a felony, the law may blacklist you forever

Who Can Help You Get An Immigration Bail Bond?

Immigration bail bond agents will help you get an immigration bail bond. Bail bond agents work for bail bond companies. They will help you file the necessary papers needed for the issuance of a voluntary departure bail bond or delivery bail bond. 

The costs of payment will be covered by the company where the bail bond agents work. However, 10% percent of the total payment made through the bail bond will go to the agents or their company as profit.

Are You Still Compelled To Attend Court Proceedings?

A short answer is yes. Aside from helping you get an immigration bail bond, bail bond agents are also responsible for making sure that you attend the trial for your case. 

An immigration bail bond only grants you the right to get out of jail while the trial is ongoing. Getting it doesn’t mean that you’re free from the chains of law. Nevertheless, an exception is the voluntary departure bail bond.

When Can’t You Get An Immigration Bail Bond?

You’re not allowed to get an immigration bail bond if you’re suspected of committing the following offenses:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Smuggling
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Offenses that threaten national integrity and security or offenses that pose danger to the law of nations (international law)

How Much Does Immigration Bail Bond Cost?

The cost of an immigration bail bond depends on the severity of your crime. This is the reason why you need to get in touch with bail bond agents. They can lend a hand in determining how much you’ll have to pay. 


Getting an immigration bail bond is important. It protects you against possible abuse. Also, it helps you sort things out. That said, call our office now and let us help you!

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