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Do not forget it. Your are innocent until proven guilty. 

And as such, you deserve your freedom until your day in court. Do not let police or anyone else convince you otherwise.

If you’re looking for bail bonds in Pasadena, a simple phone call to will kick start the process to get you out.
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We are dedicated to the end goal of getting you out of jail fast. Simple as that. We don’t over complicate was does not need to be.
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We have been providing our bail bonds services for many years, in fact the combined experience of our team is more than 25 years. All of which working on Texas bail bonds

Over the course of this time we have all forged strong relationships with those in law enforcement that matter. We know how things work and we know how to get you out faster. 

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Before beginning the process of getting a bail bond, for many individuals it’s essential to first understand the concept of bail bond.

This is why a part of our website is dedicated to providing you with the intimate details of how a bond is determined, how to begin the application service and what is required of you throughout the process. We want you to make informed decisions at all times.


A few factors go into deciding the amount of bail required in order to obtain your freedom. These are directly influenced by the nature of the crime itself, along with several other pieces of information.

​To have a better grasp of how your bail is determined; turning to the resources on this website will give you the necessary information you need.


We provide the Pasadena area with a bail bonds service that is unrivalled. From having the very best team of experts in your corner to ensuring that you have your bail posted as soon as possible.
Whatever the reason for your incarceration, we are the experts to bring you the freedom you deserve until your court date.
​Check out our blog post on the Benefits of Bail Bonds.  

“After moving to the Houston area, I was uncertain about the status in which I left my previous city. Big Poppas gave me some peace knowing i was not being hunted.” – Garry G. (last name hidden to respect privacy)

“I have been in trouble before. Not Proud of it. What i can say. is that Big Poppa’s is a cut above. Previously I used O.K. Bail Bonds. Glad I found Big Poppas ” – John T. (last name hidden to respect privacy)




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No matter if you are in jail or in a holding cell, you have the chance to fast track your freedom by using a bail bondsman.

When contacting 
Big Poppa Bail Bonds, you can rely on an accomplished local business that gives you help to secure your freedom. Right through to your court date, which can often be many months or more from the date you were arrested.  


It may seem hard to imagine that you have a warrant in your name that you are entirely unaware about. We equip you with a warrant search service that you need to be fully informed about your warrant status.

If there is a warrant in your name, we will show you exactly what you need to do in order to put it behind you. 



When seeking to understand how bail bonds work in Texas; co-signors should understand that the bail bonds process, fees and oversight are comparable in Texas as in the vast majority of states.

The bail bonds system that Texas authorities use to set free those apprehended from jail before until their court date has in fact stayed exactly the same for several years.

Understanding how the bond process operates in addition to the charges and fees connected to bail bonds is key in order to understand what to pay and who to pay.

Big Poppa Bail Bond Service Pasadena

The Bail Bond System in Texas

When a person is charged with a crime and sent out to jail, there is a booking process that will normally last for an hour or 2 before to the accused is given a court date where they will face their charges. At this time, the individual may choose to remain in jail up till their court date or get a bond to post bail.

If selecting the latter, they will then require to call a licensed county bail bond agent or have a good friend or member of the family do so for them if they choose the latter.

In the state of  Texas, there are several ways a person can be set free from jail:


For petty or small criminal activities, frequently the authorities will simply provide the criminal a citation defining that they ought to appear in court in an offered date.


Once once again regularly made use of for petty or small criminal offenses, the court and the judges are depending upon a defendant to keep their word and stand for court without requiring to post a cash bond.


A court can put a lien on a property in the amount of a person’s bail.

Being set free by their own recognizance does not require any cash being published for bail functions.

The accused simply indications a note stating they prepare to return for any and all court dates in the county.

A cash bail recommends that the total of the bond is spent for in cash to the jail or court. While you will get a 100% refund of your cash, this is a pricey option.

A great deal of circumstances usually use a surety bond, which is established by a bail bonds agent. This will require the defendant paying a premium to the bondsman and the rest of the bail amount will be covered by the bonding business. At this minute, the bail bonds agent is now liable for the private appearing in court at the chosen time.


What is normally thought about a regular bail bond offered by a bondsman. For bail bonds in Texas, you typically pay 10% of the amount as a premium and may need to front up some collateral. malesuada.

Surety Bond Form Big Poppa Bail Bond


An individual pays the total of the bail in cash (or in many cases by credit or debit card, relying on the jurisdiction). As most of individuals do not tend to have big amounts of cash simply laying around, this is not a typical scenario for bail bonds in Texas

Big Poppa Bail Bond Service
Home Collateral


Just like lots of states, the Texas bail bonds agent will charge a 10% fee of the total amount of the bail that has in fact been set. Bail bond representatives in Texas do not always need to be paid in cash as some take charge card or use collateral to help safeguard the bond.

The collateral typically is comprised of autos, property or other valued belongings which can be re-sold for the total amount of the bail that was set.
When the court date comes and the defendant appears, the collateral is returned back to the person, although the 10% fee is still non-refundable. Various bail bond representatives will also provide loans to cover the 10% if needed.

Comparable to any Texas bail bond, co-signors and/or transgressors really do require to choose the most credible bail bond agent, so it pays to do a little research before to choosing. All bondsman must be accredited within the county they are providing bail services in.


Each Texas bail bonds service can just write bonds in the county in which they are licensed. A bail bonds license does not extend throughout the state, as prevails in a great deal of US states. Each county a bondsman wants to do service in ought to be recognized through that counties Bail Bond Board.

To learn more about how bail bonds work Texas people may consult from the Texas Department of Insurance coverage website, a part of the state federal government that monitors bail bond agents.

A person who needs Texas bail can similarly call the local county bail bond board. Or by going to the local bail bond association because particular county.



If you’re in trouble or ever get in trouble with the police. Do not forget this.

Your are innocent until proven guilty.

And as such, you deserve your freedom until your day in court.
Do not let police or anyone else convince you otherwise. We started this business because we are committed to upholding this fundamental principal of our justice system.

If you’re looking for bail bonds Pasadena, a simple phone call to will kick start the process to get you out.

Read more about our company here.


At Big Poppa Bail Bonds, we understand that there may be many questions about the process of getting a bail bond, especially for those who haven’t gone through the bail bond process before.

Our website is filled with questions and answers to ensure you get the right information, even before obtaining any help from our professionals.

We do this because we want our clients to have the information they need before beginning the bail bond process.


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